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Quality control management for photo labs

densitometer Photographic lab quality control software. For your print and film processing quality. 2009 to 2018: NEW VERSION AVAILABLE SOON

Photo-lab software

photoLabQC PC software

Monitoring of photo lab quality ensures optimum results and best equipment performance. This software manages your control strip data: Connect your densitometer or key the densities: This software files the control strip data and charts it. Eliminates the drudgery and errors of manual charting.

photoLabQC manages all control strip brands and all process types.

For individual minilabs, professional and lab chains. Download and try it today.

View the photoLabQC software online help (new window):


Find out about obtaining or updating your software license for the single lab or multi lab software.

Software support

Support for photoLabQC software


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Online data

photoLabQC online

Photo lab Quality control web software. Manages your control strip data online.

Purchase online services

Find out how to register here. For photolab companies wishing to use the photoLabQC web services.

See sample charts on-line

View sample quality control charts online. Shows test data from a lab with multiple processors and multiple control strip types. This site uses dynamic content and shows a sample of features for multi-lab companies wishing to share data on the internet.
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