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photoLabQC PC software for Windows

Manages silver halide process control for all photo labs. Charting feature highlights trends before any damage is done. This software anables individual labs and lab chains to monitor their quality.

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For the individual Photo lab

Easy to use PC software

This is the starting point for managing your control strip data: Connect your densitometer or key the densities. This software files the QC data and charts it. Eliminates the drudgery of manual charting. Quality control charts generated by this software are the best way to monitor process performance.

  • Calculates and stores control strip aims.
  • All control strip brands: Kodak, Fuji, Konica, Agfa
  • All process types: C41, RA4, E6 and B&W
  • Reads data directly from a connected densitometer.
  • Files results.
  • Displays results in charts and tables.
  • Links to internet data storage.
  • Optional: Web data backup. You can protect your data file by storing it on our web site.

For the Photo lab chain

A complete support system

  • Scalable from a single lab to multi lab chain.
  • One site can monitor unlimited labs using a mail-in system.
  • Email charts to remote customers with automated email notification.
  • Web software manages and displays quality control charts on the internet with authenticated login.
  • Support functions also available such as new process tank mix specifications.

Multi lab information here

Software Prerequisites:


  • Any Windows version compatible with the NET 2.0 framework:
    eg.  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows NT/ME/98
  • NET 2.0 framework


  • Pentium PC: 200MB free disk space.
  • Densitometer: X-Rite model for direct connection to PC plus a serial port or USB to serial adapter.
  • Cable: Densitometer to PC. 

Try the software:

  • This software allows a trial period use of 15 times. After that the software is locked until it is registered. No data is deleted.
  • This application has a small footprint and is designed to co-exist with currently installed applications: This means it may be installed on any of the lab's PCs.