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Download photoLabQC software Version 1.1

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If you have an older version installed then this version will upgrade previous version data files.


  • Designed for Windows 7, Vista (incl. 64 bit), XP, 2000 (latest version not tested on Win98).
  • The NET Framework version 2, 3 or 3.5 must be installed. V2.0(SP1) is available here: Microsoft download site . No NET installation is required for Windows 7 and Vista: NET 3 is included.
  • Windows versions older than XP may require an MDAC update. It will be installed if required, or it is available here :MDAC 2.8 . Or download here. 


  • The download file is a Windows Installer package. Download the msi file to your PC and double-click it to install.
  • UPGRADING from a previous version: The installer will uninstall the previous version during installation of this new version and all data will be saved.