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photoLabQC web software

online charts

What does it do?

The web software receives data from the photoLabQC PC software. The data is then presented in chart form to logged on users.

What services are provided by the web software?

  • Chart views both overview and details, including comments.
  • Comments added by logged in users to provide feedback to the lab.
  • Emailing of comments to lab.
  • Email notification to agents when data uploaded.
  • Diagnostics.
  • Chemical mix specifications to assist lab to make new tank solutions.
online charts

How do I access the web software?

You will be given logon access to the photolabqc server. You lab data will be uploaded there and your representatives will be given logon access.

Can I install the web software on my own server?

Yes, but the server must meet these requirements: IIS with ASP.NET installed

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