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Easy Windows XP Maintenance

Simple Disk Check

Perform this at least once every week

  1. Double Click on My computer to open.
  2. Select & right click Drive C: select properties.
  3. Select the Tools Tab
  4. Under error checking group, click "Check Now"
  5. Do not check either of the options
  6. Click "Start". The disk check will run.
  7. If a message: "Windows could not complete the disk check is displayed" then run the disk check with automatic fix below.

Disk Check with disk sector scan

Perform this every 3 months or when disk access error messages are displayed

  1. Perform Disk Check but select "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors"
  2. The disk check will proceed, step 4 will check that there are no physical errors on the the hard drive

Disk Check with automatic fix

Perform this every month or when the simple disk check does not complete

  1. Perform Disk Check but select "Automatically fix file system errors"
  2. Click "Start"
  3. After a short delay a message will be displayed: "The disk check could not be performed… Do want to schedule this disk check the next time you start the computer?"
  4. Click "Yes"
  5. Restart the computer.
  6. The disk check will be run.

Checking for recurring errors

Perform this every month or when the disk check does not complete

  1. Right click My computer
  2. Select Manage.
  3. Computer Management will open
  4. Select Event Viewer
  5. Double click System View
  6. View the entries; most should be Information, with the occasional Error or Warning
  7. Double click error messages to view the detail.
  8. Hyperlinks in the detail may provide more data from online sources.
    Note: Errors indicating disk access failures for a hard drive are serious & indicate a potential disk failure. Occasional errors for CDROM access are normal.
  9. Repeat the process for "Application" to view errors caused by software applications.