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Multi lab description

Multi lab software

What does the 10 lab license include

Control strips from each lab are sent to a central lab for analysis.

  • Single install of photoLaQC software
  • The software displays a lab selection menu to switch between lab data.
  • Aims can be shared between the labs.
  • Clipboard copy of charts for emailing.
  • Export data function.

100 lab software

Multiple installs of photoLabQC software. Includes web software where lab data can be shared and viewed.


These are two potential scenarios for a lab chain wanting to monitor their remote labs:

Scenario 1: Photo Labs process control strips and mail them to a central location

  1. The head office or central location has photoLabQC software and reads the control strips.
  2. They post the data to the internet server from photoLabQC software.
  3. Optionally the head office can email the remote lab directly, including a chart of the latest results*.
  4. AND the lab can view their data online using a browser.

Scenario 2: The remote lab has photoLabQC software and monitors their own processors

  1. The remote lab reads the control strips and posts their results daily to the internet server.
  2. Whenever the lab sends data the manager can receive an email.
  3. The manager at the head office can view the lab's results on-line and email back comments or diagnostics directly from the web page.

*For embedding charts in emails currently MS Outlook is required for direct emails, otherwise using copy and paste.