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X-Rite 881/891, 882/892 densitometer

Cable setup

Cable and adapters

For ease of installation purchase these from X-Rite corporation.

MA58-74 Kit Includes:

  • SE108-69 Ten foot cable: 10c/RJ45 (male) to 10c/RJ45 (male)
  • 418-71 DP25s (female) to 10c/RJ45 (female) DCE interface adapter with phone jack socket for DC power input.
  • SE08-232 DB25p (male) to DB9s (female) interface adapter
Cable/Adapter list

Cable connection (DIY)

881 connection

Plug description

rj45 plug

Densitometer setup

At the X-Rite densitometer set the following modes:

  1. Press the two right-hand ('MENU') keys to ensure that the unit is at the MAIN MENU.
  2. Using the first (left-hand) key, drill down from 'p1' until you reach the FUNCTION MENU page.
  3. Select 'edit'.
  4. Select 'cnfg'.
  5. On 'p1' set net = off (lowercase).
  6. On 'p2' set Select IO Preset CUSTOM - then LOAD.
  7. On 'p2a' set RCI = off (lowercase).
  8. On 'p2b' set dpt = off, COMP = ON, ALF = ON.
  9. On 'p2c' set del = off, AXMT = ON, ref = off.
  10. On 'p2d' set baud = 9600, lock = off.
  11. Press both keys (1 & 2) at the same time to save your selections