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X-Rite 810,811,820 densitometers

Also: 301, 309, 310, 361T, 369, 810, 811, 820, 830 models

These densitometers have a 25 pin socket port: DB25s  (female).

You need a null-modem adapter and gender changer to connect to the computer.

If the computer has a 9 pin serial plug you also need a 25 to 9 pin adapter.

For ease of installation purchase these from X-Rite corporation.

  • 361-83 DB25p to 10c/RJ45 cable
  • 881-91 DB9s Null-Modem Adapter; CTS/RTS handshake
  • 881-71 DB25s Crossing Adapter; CTS/RTS (Line 4) handshake
Cable/Adapter list

Densitometer setup

Setup varies by model. The 2 most important settings:

  • BAUD rate must be set to match the software's port speed rate.
  • APRNT set to on to automatically send each reading to the port.